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  • Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders

    known for the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple and the natural marvel, Tonle Sap Lake. Every year more visitors flock to Cambodia to discover for themselves just what wonders it has to offer.

  • Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders

    known for the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple and the natural marvel, Tonle Sap Lake. Every year more visitors flock to Cambodia to discover for themselves just what wonders it has to offer.

  • Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders

    known for the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple and the natural marvel, Tonle Sap Lake. Every year more visitors flock to Cambodia to discover for themselves just what wonders it has to offer.

  • Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders

    known for the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple and the natural marvel, Tonle Sap Lake. Every year more visitors flock to Cambodia to discover for themselves just what wonders it has to offer.

  • Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders

    known for the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple and the natural marvel, Tonle Sap Lake. Every year more visitors flock to Cambodia to discover for themselves just what wonders it has to offer.

Travel Guide
Food and Drinks
Cambodian food has many multicultural influences from both neighbouring and European countries; including France, China, Thailand and Vietnam. The common ingredients used in Cambodian food are also found in those neighboring Southeast Asian countries’: sticky rice, fish sauce, palm sugar, chilies, coconut milk and lemon grass to name a few.

The Cambodian main dish normally consists of a serving of rice, a soup, a salad, a main fish or meat dish, served with some vegetables and dessert based on fresh fruits and sticky rice. As the country's has incredibly abundant rivers; the Mekong, Bassac and especially the Tonle Sap, freshwater fish and prawns are very popular local delicacies. Whilst other lesser known Cambodian treats include locusts, snakes, crabs, crocodiles and spiders.

Traditional Cambodian Dishes

Amok: Traditional a catfish with curry, steamed in banana leaf cups. But also comes with chicken, pork or tofu.
Sngao Chruok Moan: Sour chicken soup with herbs.
Sieng Khtih: Fermented soy bean dip, served with fresh vegetables.
Samla Mchou Kroeung Sach Ko: Spiced beef in sour soup.
Sngao Mreah: Soup with bitter gourd stuffed with minced pork.
Num Sang Khya Lpeou: Pumpkin custard made with egg yolks.
Num Chak: Sticky rice and coconut grilled in Chak leaf.

Many different fruits are available in the market in the mid-year, however the most Cambodian favored ones are including coconut, watermelon, longan, mango, guava, and especially bananas with its variety types with its different sizes, colors, and tastes.


Given the climate, Cambodians appreciate the need for a refreshing beverage. Sweet sugar cane juice can be found everywhere; it’s usually made right there in front of you by crushing a stalk of cane between a metal ringer. It is served in a small plastic bag with lots of ice. Another favourite is fresh coconut juice, drank directly from the shell. This may be a pleasant surprise, as the juice tastes quite different than the ones you may be used to in the West.

Mineral drinking water is generally available across the country produced by local companies. Coffee is mostly available in a hotels or proper coffee shops, however, a unique Cambodian coffee grown in the North East of the country. It is served black or with condensed
milk is commonly available in small Khmer restaurants. Chinese-style tea is a favourite among the Cambodian people and it widely available.

Most well known international brands of soft drinks and beers are imported, such as Heineken, Singha, Tiger, San Miguel, Carlsberg and Foster's. The local beer is called Angkor Beer and is produced by an Australian joint venture in Sihanoukville. Recently, Cambodia has started to produce grape wine with an export standard named Prasat Phnom Banoen Grape Wine, the first ever wine locally produced in Cambodia.

Where to Eat & Play?
Every year Cambodia’s tourism industry grows and with it comes more and more interesting and alternative restaurants and bars. These businesses combine traditional and modern Khmer styles with the world renown hospitality of the Cambodian people. Below is a useful guide to the very best eateries in Cambodia’s two most popular provinces.

Siem Reap


Tonle Chaktomuk: This restaurant provides a tasty selections, Khmer and Vietnamese specialties for lunch and dinner. A traditional Shadow puppet show is performed several days a week. Chaopraya Coffee shop stands beside it. Truly a haven with fresh coffee, light snacks and an a la carte menu in a stylish and fully air-conditioned setting. With a complimentary wireless and friendly staff it’s the perfect place to escape the heat of the day for a while.

Tonle Mekong: This grandly designed restaurant provides the largest and most extensive buffet found anywhere in Cambodia. The buffet has wide array of different culinary delights from; Cambodia, the West, Thailand, Japan, Korea and China. Cultural presentations of traditional Khmer dancing and music are featured every evening.

Tonle Sap: Whatever you may fancy this buffet can provide. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served. Khmer, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Western dishes are all available. You can enjoy your dinner while watching the beautiful Apsara dancers.


Amok: Provides a wide range of traditional Cambodian dishes including the classic Khmer dish “Amok,” a rich Cambodian coconut curry with meat or fish. As well as other offerings including beef lok lak, fired BBQ skewers, banana flower and mango salads.


Apsara Theatre: This dinner theatre venue presents nightly performances of traditional Khmer classical and folk dance, performed by its resident ensemble of 40 freelance dancers, singers and musicians.


Angkor Café: Opposite Angkor Wat temple, Angkor Café opens its doors to travelers offering both fine cuisine and sophisticated souvenirs. The shop invites you to discover a collection rooted in the Cambodian art de vivre, a reflection of the rich national tradition displayed in a unique ambiance, a harmonious meeting of nature and culture.

Champey: A traditional Khmer cuisine restaurant, dishes are prepared according to the Royal Family recipes. An elegant venue for lunch or dinner with gorgeous decor and a western standard of service. Sit and watch the busy hustle and bustle of the market or relax on in the air-conditioned VIP Room.

Chez Sophea & Matthieu: With a prime location just outside Angkor Wat, Chez Sophea & Matthieu offers a welcoming atmosphere, a great European menu and a high level of service.

FCC (Siem Reap): Well known for its chic and stylish decor; FCC is a perfect setting in which unwind and enjoy some dinner or perhaps a cocktail. The friendly and polite staff add to the relaxing ambiance.


Viroth's Restaurant: Finely prepared Khmer cuisine with a modern touch created by celebrated chef, Viroth. Spot on service in a stylish terrace garden setting with both covered and open-air seating.

Cafes and Bakeries

Blue Pumpkin: Remains arguably the best cafe/baking house in Siem Reap with a chic, white, air-con interior and fine food the day through. A good wireless connection is available. Near Old Market.

Cafe Central: A huge, upscale space with exposed brick and large, open windows, offers a big Western menu including pastas, sandwiches, salads and burgers. Cocktails are available too, and happy hour's from 16:00 to 19:00. Near Old Market.

Bars & Clubs

Angkor What? Bar: Was the first late night club in Siem Reap and is still very popular. With modern pop music and a wide range of cocktails. Located on Pub St., 1 block west of the Old Market.

Easy Speaking Café and Pub: This cute little restaurant has a prime location on Pub Street. It offers a mixture of Khmer and Western dishes. Angkor draft beer and complimentary popcorn and peanuts. It has a relaxed atmosphere with reasonable prices and a long happy hour.

Miss Wong: Red walls, leather booths, and excellent collection of cocktails, Wong’s adds some welcome class to Siem Reap's after-dark scene.
Located on the Lane behind Pub Street.

Dead Fish Tower: Is a one of a kind! Specializing in Khmer and Thai dishes, this trendy restaurant always receives great reviews. The topsy-turvy setting, pool tables and Apsara dancing makes this a unique venue for lunch or dinner.

Laundry: Is the funky side of Siem Reap. When the temple town gets psychedelic and stays up really late, this is where it happens. With the groovy art, cool music, pool table and cocktail menu this really is one of the most happening bars in town.

Linga: Is Siem Reap’s chicest gay-friendly bar, offering a delicious array of different cocktails and fruit shakes. In a great location, Linga is a cool and chilled out setting to relax after a day’s sight-seeing. Located in the North of Old Market.

Molly Malone's: The dark hardwood floors and balcony gives a distinctive Irish feel. The great selection of a variety of Irish and other Western favorites gives this restaurant an edge. The bar is fully stocked with a fine selection of Irish whiskey. Local expats play live music regularly, a mix of original songs and covers of crowd pleasers like old Beatles and Roberta Flack numbers. Located in the Pub St., across the street and west of Red Piano Bar.

Temple Club: During the day, Temple is an open-air bar and restaurant. A traditional Apsara dance show is performed nightly between 7:30 and 9:30pm. Then, at around 9pm the sound system kicks in, and it transforms into a nightclub; blasting out the latest pop; it’s time for dancing!

Funky Munky: Decorated with the greatest movie posters of all time, this groovy restaurant and bar is unique. Funky Munky’s menu has over 50 cocktails to choose from. The restaurant offers both Western and Khmer dishes.

Phnom Penh


Amber Villa & Restaurant: Located at the city centre near many just a few minutes away from the most exciting attractions, such as, Royal Palace, National Museum, and the Riverside Park. Amber provides in a delicious selection of Khmer and Western cuisine.

Bopha: This restaurant offers a tasty Cambodian menu as well as some Western dishes and ice cream. A full bar with an extensive cocktail menu and a selection of French wines.

FCC (Phnom Penh): The FCC kitchen offers a variety of nicely prepared, modern, and mainstream western dishes as well as some of the best wood-fired pizza in town.

Le Wok: This French-run restaurant lies in a prime location in front of the National Museum terrace. With a charming warm decor, Le Wok offers customers French specialties and a selection of mixed Asian dishes.

Tonle Bassac:
Formerly the Chao Praya, is a fine indoor and outdoor buffet restaurant. A rich medley of Asian and Western foods including Japanese cuisine. Fresh grilled seafood and a Mongolian BBQ.




Bars & Clubs

K-West Brasserie Bar: This trendy, stylish and comfortable riverfront restaurant and bar is located on the ground floor of the Amanjaya Hotel. Decorated in a relaxed fusion décor; with hard-wood floors and contemporary art around the walls. The full bar offers a good cocktail menu, draft beer, a wine selection and happy hour specials. Serving a wide range of contemporary Asian and European cuisine at moderate prices.

Riverhouse Lounge: Enjoy good music, delicious drinks in a stylish décor with panoramic river views Riverhouse is definitely one to check out. Regular DJs spin a diverse collection of tunes.

La Croisette: With a large international wine selection, great cocktails and very cold beer La Croisette is perfect for relaxing after a busy day! The restaurant has an outdoor terrace or indoor air conditioned lounge. Free high-speed internet is also available.

Café Metro: Without a doubt, the most stylish and sophisticated restaurant in Phnom Penh, Café Metro offers great service and mouth-watering dishes.